Caroline Toner (Bachelor of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine)

As a clinical nutritionist, Caroline draws on her training in human nutrition, biochemistry, anatomy, pathology, pharmacology and the latest scientific research when treating her patient’s. She is passionate about food and nutrition and believes that good food is always the best medicine. While food is always at the forefront of any nutritional treatment plan, Caroline always ensures she stays up to date with the latest cutting edge nutritional supplements as they may need to be prescribed to achieve the best outcome for the patient. She will also always take into account a patient’s individual situation when making dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as when prescribing nutritional treatment plans.

Caroline grew up in a family of food lovers and great cooks, her mother, aunty and grandmother all cooked beautiful homestyle meals using fresh, quality, natural ingredients. This led Caroline to undertake an exciting career as a chef, working in a range of restaurants over 10 years. Her passion for cooking healthy nutritious meals then led her to look deeper into the underlying beneficial components of food and the virtue of using food as medicine. This inspired her enrol in a Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc) – Nutritional Medicine and after 6 years of study she is now found her passion in a rewarding career as a Clinical Nutritionist.

Her focus is centred around the enjoyment of healthy, nutritious food and educating patients as to how it can have a profound and positive impact on their health, well being and happiness.

Caroline’s Qualifications

  • Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc – Nutritional Medicine)
  • Qualified Chef